The United Church in Papua New Guinea exists to teach, preach and live the Good News of Jesus Christ in her faith, life and witness; in loving and caring ministries through the united participation of the people of God until he returns.

Mission Goals

  1. Enhance the teaching and proclamation of the word of God
  2. Encourage members to be prayerful and live Christian lives, expressing Christian faith in life and witness
  3. Provide health and education and other social services to the community
  4. Promote continuous communication among her people
  5. Promote, encourage and provide opportunities to enhance participation by all
  6. To be good stewards of resources
  7. Continue and maintain ecumenism and partnership in mission with partner churches
  8. Promote gender balance and issues
  9. Be united in its life and witness
  10. Encourage young people to participate in the mission of God
  11. Equip members with self reliance & entrepreneurial skills.
  12. Continue and increase our partnership with government, development agencies and other stakeholders

Core values

The core values and beliefs of the The United Church in Papua New Guinea are based on God’s eternal love, and the entire trustworthiness of the Holy Scripture.

  1. We are a people who believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
  2. We are a people who are sinful, believe that by the death on the Calvary Cross, Jesus Christ has paid the penalty of our sins, and believe in  his resurrection, and his second coming.
  3. We are a people who believe in the power of the Holy Spirit and his supernatural abilities to empower us to live a wholesome life.
  4. We are a people who believe in the unity of the believers working together in harmony for the benefit of each other, seeking to serve each other out of compassion and genuine concern for each other.
  5. We are a people that are aware of the diversity of PNG cultures and seek to collectively work together through constructive dialogue, consultation, and teamwork for the common good of our people, community and country.
  6. We are a people that realise that in sharing our resources, we show a spirit of caring and sharing and the love of God. We actively seek to share the love of God.
  7. We are people who recognise leadership and authority, and those who are in position of authority, rule with diligence for the good of those they lead.
  8. We are a people that recognise the importance of good stewardship of resources at our disposal.  We seek to exercise responsibility, good management and accountability of our resources.
  9. We are a people that value and celebrate life through songs, dances, and hospitality.
  10. We are a people that support good governance and leadership and will promote servant leadership in our sphere of influence to enable the community and the people to prosper.